Vicchi Oleski

Vicchi Oleski, Founder at Sonoma County Healing Academy

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Success. Joy. Connection. Your Energy pathway FORWARD

Each 90m Introductory class there will be discussion and a demonstration.

You will gradually LEARN how-to:

  • Lessen negative thought patterns
  • Release self judgment
  • Begin the rewire your nervous system

These are intro classes into a 7 month ongoing program that begins OCTOBER 2019

To learn more about Vicchi Oleski’s Private Practice, distinguished member of Sonoma West Medical Foundation.

It is a great privilege and honor for Vicchi to re-emerge the teachings of many exceptional mentors/teachers and modalities into a unified synergistic, healing practice which she calls embodiedSpiritwork™ .

Vicchi Oleski is a educator of Energy Medicine, Householder Hatha Yoga and Quantum Healing. As an advocate for personal and professional health, beauty, and  growth, Vicchi continues to study and practice the modalities (Energy Medicine/Yoga/NLP) that comprise her innovative healing practice- embodiedSpiritwork™.

embodiedSpiritWork™ “Underlying all my work is a profound awareness that we are all membersof universal life creative energy, Source. I have made it my life’s work to help people re-member themselves, to gather and heal the outcast parts of themselves, and to activate the healing wisdom of their own bodies”.

Brief bio of Vicchi’s healing Journey

After 12 years of living through chronic fatigue, in 2005, Vicchi encountered/experienced a distinctive quality of Transformation, Self recovery. From this discovery, she developed/created embodiedSpiritwork™.  This moment was a turning point in consciousness that lead Vicchi to begin the foundation of her current healing work.

“Vicchi’s inquisitive endeavors of re-patterning and entraining the body to its natural healing energies-rhythms began when she was eleven. Vicchi was invited to work with toddlers that were unable to crawl or walk.”

Some forty plus years later, Vicchi, engaged in her current creative business project that is founding and the development of SoCoHA, Sonoma County Healing Academy. SoCoHA is a new design academy for unusual innovative styles of successful healing modalities, a new model for living and growing beauty and health consciousness.

Formal Education includes Undergraduate in Social Work (1980), Licensed Cosmetologist (1988), Certified Aveda Wellness Practitioner (1990) Certified BodyWorker (1991), Certified in HouseHolder Yoga (2003), Certified NLP Life Coach (2004), Certified NLP Practitioner (2005). Along with traditional form of educating, Vicchi is an ardent student/teacher of the revolutionary field of Neuro-Linguistics, Quantum Physics, Dance, Poetry, Sound/Music, Technology, Astrology, Nature, and Science of the Bio-chemical union between Body-Mind. Vicchi’s work embraces science with spiritually, technology with energy and reason with life. Her assuming belief is that whatever we dream/imagine we can create/accomplish.

Vicchi’s deepest intention is to;

  • support and assist others out of limiting programming,
  • free our Mind and Body, so that we live a Joyful conscious aware Life.
  • encourage choosing choices that support wholeness, vitality & sustainability.

Vicchi’s mantra is…Feel-heal your Health and Live your Vitality.”

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