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Silvia Schroeder brings a rare combination of international experience, training, and credentialing to her compassionate counseling and coaching practice in the United States and abroad. She specializes in helping children, adults, and businesses achieve balance and awareness as they move through transition and change.

Silvia is the creator of INNERWEAVING, a method of experiential and emotional hands-on techniques that support personal development and conscious living. She earned her Psychosocial Counseling degree in Austria/Vienna and an Educator’s degree in Experiential Nature Craft in Switzerland.

In her work with the business community, Silvia brings 12 years of global experience and a multidisciplinary approach. She has designed international programs, developed curriculums, and trained coaches and employees in leadership and interpersonal skills.

Weaving New Life Patterns for Clarity, Balance, and Direction

INNERWEAVING creator Silvia Schroeder combines counseling and weaving as a unique, hands-on tool to help people move through life changes. Natural fibers, objects from nature, and the loom are key components in her multidisciplinary approach to gently guiding clients toward wholeness.

Choose different types and colors of wool and natural materials to represent distinctive challenges you may be facing in your job, relationship, or any other aspect of daily life. As you begin to weave on the loom, the repetitive movement helps balance your right and left brain into one centered mind that opens to new ideas and perspectives.

With expert coaching and guidance, you’ll begin to see patterns as you weave together a tangible, visual symbol of your situation. This gentle, restorative process can help you let go of limiting beliefs and find direction toward a happier, more productive life. Take your woven tapestry home as a reminder of your journey and insights. No weaving experience is necessary. INNERWEAVING can benefit anyone who has feelings of depression, anxiety, or uncertainty as part of life’s transitions

Programs for: Individuals and Families |People with Life – Threatening Illness | Earth Craft Workshops| Businesses in Transition

Silvia Schroeder

Psychosocial Counselor| Business Coach| Educator for Nature Therapy

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