Shamanic healing — a profound experience to bring you fully into yourself

Gentle healing for profound change

Shamanic healing helps you navigate more easily through crisis, trauma, surgery, divorce, and grief and loss. Having practiced more than 20 years as a shamanic healer, Sarah can help you open your heart to the wisdom of the universe for positive change in your relationships, your health, your whole self — mind, body, and soul.

Self-empowerment, connection, and clarity

Since 2000, Sarah has been offering healing and instruction to hundreds of people through workshops and healing sessions. Through meditation, shamanic journeying, and healing techniques, Sarah helps you achieve higher understanding for sharper clarity, deeper connection, and a stronger sense of self.

Shamanism — an ancient art for today

Shamanic healing integrates our every day experience with the spiritual realm. Becoming a healer takes training, practice, and art. It takes heart, compassion, and openness. Sarah is a shamanic healer and teacher grounded in more than 40 years of spiritual practice. Sarah brings ancient wisdom to help you go beyond conscious limitations.

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Shamanic Healing