LoveJourney Heart Salons

LoveJourney Heart Salons

2nd Thursday Monthly: 7-10 pm

Each month will be a different topic:

Sensuality Salon

Erotic Communication

Energetic Boundaries and Deep Presence

Getting your No to have a clear Yes

Breathing Group Practice

Intro to Tantra



Nov 17: Intro to Tantra (Friday)

December 14: Sensuality Salon

January 11: Erotic Communication

February 8: Sensuality Salon

February 9: Intro to Tantra (Friday)

March 8: Sensuality Salon

April: Energetic Boundaries and Deep Presence

May: Sensuality Salon

June: Intro to Tantra

July: Sensuality Salon

August: Getting your No to have a clear Yes


LoveJourney: Tantra of the Heart offers tools and opportunities for conscious sensuality and open-hearted, nurturing connections. Singles and couples learn the ancient spiritual arts of intimacy and how to live in communion and union. Together we gently share breathing, imagery, body movement, and awareness exercises that free up the Kundalini, the vital life force of sexual energy, making it available to the whole body, mind and soul.


Evalena Rose, M. A., has taught Tantra for 22 years and is a skillful coach in intimacy practices and communication skills.  She has helped people heal emotionally and spiritually through MetaTherapy, energetic healing, and channeled readings for 35 years. She has been a collaborator on rituals in conferences, festivals, and workshops for 35 years. Evalena has decades of study in alternative healing, shamanism, spiritual paths, Soul Retreival, Tantra, inner child work, and recovery from incest, abuse and addiction. Evalena founded LoveJourney: the Healing Path of Tantra in 1997, sponsoring workshops and supporting a compassionate community practicing the highest erotic and romantic arts. Evalena works in the San Francisco Bay Area and by phone or Skype world-wide. Her channelings and tele-seminars have reached people in 14 countries and 24 states. For more information, see: or


LoveJourney’s Manager, Rachel Adair is enjoys participating in these heart-centered events.  She has studied The Thirteen Moon Priestess path from the Sanctuary of the Open Heart, has become an initiated shaman of The Third Road Faery Tradition and a is certified permaculture designer. As a published author, she blends eco-sex, mysticism, open relationships and erotica in her series of fictional novels. She has been leading workshops, organizing volunteers and participating in intentional circles since the turn of the century. You can enjoy more of her eco-sexual offerings by attending Sensuality Salon.


Sensuality Salon with Rachel Adair:

An ideal exploration of self-care:

Gift yourself an evening of nourishment

Work in a variety of small groups to co-create a safe experience

Tantalize your senses with taste, touch, scent and sound

Relax into being served

Give and receive innocent, open-hearted exchanges

Awaken yourself to everyday sensual delights


Energetic Boundaries and Deep Presence with Evalena Rose

Explore ways we open to or avoid deep intimacy. Discover coping mechanisms you may unconsciously use to deal with being vulnerable. Experience the deep presence Tantric exchanges make possible. Explore how erotic communication skills help us ask for what we want while deepening connection. Sharing non-sexual touch lets us practice communicating desires as we release what prevents fulfilling them. Enlightening, pleasurable practical skills that enhance intimacy.


Intro to Tantra (Friday) with Evalena Rose

Learn to enhance intimacy through breathing practices that help move kundalini through your body and open you to full sexual aliveness. Enjoy sacred, heart-centered interactions that deepen contact and enhance pleasure. Practice ways of communicating that increase your erotic connection and help both people get their needs met. Great for singles and couples opening to the ecstatic life.


Erotic Communication and Pleasure Mapping with Evalena Rose
Learn erotic ways of communicating with your lover(s) that enhance intimacy and further open you both to eros. We’ll practice communicating “above the line” and making conscious requests followed by rewarding your partner(s) when you receive what you ask for. Following brief lecture and demonstrations, we’ll take these skills into pleasure mapping, a touching exercise, that lets you practice feedback and requests while learning styles and types of touch your body likes (non-genital). You may discover new erogenous zones and gain a deeper command of your voice in intimate settings. Bring a floor mat, blanket or large towel.