Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Chiara Kae, PhD, RDN
Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Welcome to your Bridge to Optimum Health!

Are you: 

  • Suffering digestive distress?
  • Sick of midday crash?
  • Struggling with body image?

Get ready to enjoy eating, live energized and be embodied with ease! 

I am passionate about empowering you to choose nutrient-rich foods and healthy habits that provide a bridge to optimum health.

In private sessions, classes and support groups, I show you the science and steps to making nutrition and lifestyle choices that result in vibrant health. I help you explore how your self-talk, social conversations and the mass or social media shape your relationship with food and your body. I guide you in making steady, lasting improvements in your eating and daily life in a way that is fun, informative, supportive and easy to learn. As you experience the healing force of nourishing foods and a balanced, holistic lifestyle, you gain physical, mental and emotional vigor to joyfully create the life you want to live!

My enthusiastic aim to support your optimum health journey comes from my extensive experience using nutritious, wholesome foods and a balanced, holistic lifestyle to restore my health. Through my recovery, I transformed my pain into purpose. I ardently aspire to teach and guide others to experience the healing power of food, mindful eating and whole person wellness. It is my mission and utmost desire to have the honor to help you too!

Read about my Specialties, Treatment Techniques and Services to learn how we can build a bridge to a nourished, healthier you! 


  • Digestive Issues (Irritable Bowel Syndrome / Dysbiosis / Celiac Disease)
  • Food Allergies / Sensitivities / Intolerances
  • Weight Management / Disordered Eating / Eating Disorders
  • Nutrition Interventions for Anxiety and Depression
  • Vegetarian / Vegan / Gluten-free Nutrition
  • Nutrigenomics
  • Food as Medicine

Treatment Techniques

Integrative and Functional Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Mindful Eating and Relationship with Food, Meal/Menu Planning, Whole Foods Meal Preparation, Detoxification, Elimination/Rotation Diets, Stress Management


In my private sessions, classes and support groups, you learn how to select, prepare and mindfully consume richly nutritious foods, to attain freedom from digestive or eating problems and to enjoy optimum health, wellness and vitality.

Get Acquainted Session

Share your nutrition goals and challenges, learn how I work and gather my general approach to your nutrition concerns. Call 707-861-0361 to schedule your complimetary Get Acquainted Session!

Private Sessions 

In an initial private session, a Nutrition Status and Health Assessment, I spend quality time with you to holistically and comprehensively decipher your nutrition concerns. We do a detailed, deep dive into your diet, medical history, family history, lab test results, stress levels, current state of health, physical activity, daily routines and more (See 3-minute video – What Do Integrative and Functional Dietitians Do?). We identify your nutrition and lifestyle goals and – most importantly – what motivates you to achieve them. You receive action steps to take immediately to begin your optimum health journey and start feeling better quickly.

In Follow-up private sessions, we co-create and implement your Optimum Health Program – a detailed, weekly action plan that is doable, dynamic, effective and fun. Stand-alone, follow-up sessions for periodic check-in and maintenance are also available.

Choose from in-person, phone and Skype sessions for your convenience. Call 707-861-0361 or email to schedule. 

Optimum Health Programs*

Your Optimum Health Program features a highly customized nutrition and lifestyle plan based on your Nutrition Status and Health Assessment. This plan consists of clear, measurable steps to rebalance and replenish your body systems, resulting in restored wellness. I closely walk these steps along with you in real life from the grocery store to the plate. Steps include nutrition plans, food lists and recipes, shopping and food preparation systems, mind-body stress-reducing practices, physical exercise guidelines, daily routine and lifestyle recommendations and possible dietary or herbal supplements. Following my Food as Medicine philosophy, I teach you to prepare your foods at home as remedies in the most nutrient-packed, cost-cutting, time-saving and self-caring ways. I show you how to confidently maintain your program when commuting, traveling or socializing.

I adapt and scaffold your program as you progress along your optimum health journey. We measure results and set new targets, based on your symptom improvements and protocol completions. We take time to celebrate milestones along your journey and truly honor your successes. As we resolve your nutrition challenges and reach your nutrition goals, you learn to develop a peaceful, pleasurable and connected relationship with food and your body.

You choose an Optimum Health Program Package of four, eight or twelve sessions and preferred sessions formats: in-person, phone and/or Skype. Email communications are included. Program clients receive discounts on my Rich Nutrition © Whole Foods Cooking or Understanding Your Nutrition Classes, Mindful Eating Support Group Sessions and Create Your Medicinal Kitchen Field Trips. I encourage you to take advantage of these supportive, educational group environments to solidify and celebrate your health gains with like-minded peers.

Private Yoga Sessions may be substituted for one or more of your Optimum Health Program Package sessions. I tailor your routine to your unique physical and emotional needs based on your Nutrition and Health Assessment. I both demonstrate and guide you in doing poses, incorporating props to assist. I provide clear, easy-to-follow handouts and resources for at-home practice. I design and modify your yoga sequence drawing on my 25-year background as an Iyengar Yoga and AyurYoga instructor.

Classes and Support Groups

As an educator and in ‘walking my talk’ personally, I have discovered that continuing education and collective support are the keys to lasting, effective lifestyle change. I offer ongoing classes, support groups and experiential field trips to ensure you reap the maximum return on your investment in your health.

Classes feature new topics monthly. Email to receive class schedule announcements. The Support Group focuses on mindful eating approaches to emotional eating and food preoccupation.

 Support Group

  • Mindful Eating Women’s Support Group (Thursdays weekly, 10:00 – 11:00 am) – Join this weekly, experiential women’s support group to learn and apply mindful eating practices. Sessions especially serve those who struggle with confusion or guilt about food choices, with constant preoccupation with body- or food-related thoughts or with chronic, unsuccessful dieting. After sharing food, we exchange experiences and explore our self-talk around food, eating and body image, including mass or social media influences. You learn how to reframe these intrapersonal dialogues to restore a positive relationship with the entire nourishment process and come home to your body.

Call 707-861-0361 or email to register and/or to receive class announcements. Class and group slots available are limited to provide ample time for sharing, questions and hands-on participation by all.