Energy Medicine

ENERGY MEDICINE is a new field with ancient roots. A complement to other approaches to healing, it draws from Eastern health practices such as acupuncture, yoga and QiGong.

The gentle, non-invasive tools used by providers of mercRisingEnergy Medicine can:

  • decreases stress
  • enhance vitality
  • joy
  • self esteem
  • well-being

A session may include the use of:

  1. Sound (music and tones delivered via a vibro-acoustic table or chair)
  2. Color
  3. Botanicals remedies such as Bach Flower Essences
  4. Guided visualization
  5. Breath word
  6. Muscle Response Testing

Much of Energy Medicine’s work is easy to implement at home and whole-heartedly supports clients in a crafting a daily self- care practice that works for specific needs.

“The field of Energy Medicine is based on the fundamental premise that all physical objects (bodies) and psychology processes (thoughts, emotions, belief, and attitudes) are extensions of energy. Therefore, all bodies are believed to be infused with a “subtle” energy or life force. This life force is known by a variety of terms corresponding to different traditions. In traditional Chinese medicine it is called Qi (pronounced CHEE). In Judeo- Christian tradition it is called spirit, and in Ayruvedic medicine it is represented by the Doshas.” – Dr. Erin Olivo for



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