shout out 001Would you like to FEEL better?  Need to rebuild your sense of self, esteem and come into emotional balance?

              Regain authority over your life.

Working with the flow of energy in your body, womwn butterflyembodiedSpiritwork™ will help you change unwanted, constricted, or unconscious thought patterns.  embodiedSpiritwork™  will help you activate your own healing energy, or chi.  Over all, embodiedSpiritwork™ improves physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

As you experience an increased sense of wholeness, you’ll begin to reconnect with your authentic voice, restore confidence and self-trust, and make choices with greater awareness. You’ll feel tangible, practical shifts taking place in your life as you move toward a renewed sense of happiness and self-fulfillment.

              What is embodiedSpiritwork™?

embodiedSpiritwork™ is a hands-on combination of coaching, lymphatic bodywork, neurolinguistics, breath work, energy medicine, focused intention, householder hatha yoga, and universal life energy. All these mind-body-spirit medicines work together in a united, natural, holistic way to help relieve symptoms of physical, emotional, and mental dis-ease.

The hands-on elements of embodiedSpiritwork™ address the endocrine, lymphatic, circulatory, and cranial-sacral systems. Together, they help unlock the inherent wisdom of the body and enrich the mind/body/spirit union.





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