Self Care Sisterhood Monthly Group

Jill Brogan BA, NC, CHWC

Self-Care Sisterhood

…”being part of a sisterhood means never being alone.”

When you are isolated, alone, or stressed, self-care goes out the window and personal wellness suffers. The Self-Care Sisterhood is a group of diverse and dynamic women from all walks of life who want a safe place to let go, explore personal issues, and be supported by women like themselves.

You may be pursuing a college degree, juggling career and family, preparing for retirement, or anywhere in between. Perhaps you are contemplating a career switch, in the middle of a divorce, struggling with a chronic illness or just going through the highs and lows of everyday life. The Self-Care Sisterhood offers you relief from the anxiety and stresses of life among a community of women with no agenda except to support you.

The only requirements of our group are being proactive about your wellness journey and having a willingness to support others on theirs. We do that by showing up and creating a safe space where we can trust and feel secure to explore feelings and circumstances that are difficult to discuss elsewhere.

At each monthly meeting, you can share your thoughts about that meeting’s theme or relate something personal about your self-care. Examples of meeting themes include: The balancing act: work/play, sit/move, outward/inward: Where is the happy medium?; Connecting the dots: how did we get here and what’s possible now?; Whats valued: a dive into what’s meaningful to us and how that drives our decision making; Habitual You: Your routines make you who you are.

Alternatively, you can choose not to share and simply give the gift of presence for others in the sisterhood. We celebrate your wins, hold your hand through your losses, share in your life experiences. Bring your questions, hopes, fears, and unique perspective on life that can enrich others.

Sisterhood facilitator Jill Brogan is certified as a wellness coach, nutritional consultant and received her bachelors in Sociology from UC Santa Cruz.  She believes we must be the agents of our own change. No one can do the work for us. The Sisterhood is here to support you and, as facilitator, Jill helps you get clear on where you want to head next on your life journey and helps you plot a course to get there. Based in behavioral change psychology, wellness coaching takes a gentle but honest look at our patterns and beliefs about ourselves and the world. As coach and facilitator, she does this by listening attentively and fostering self-acceptance and self-respect. She looks to arouse, engage, energize, and challenge you to reach higher at the right moment. She picks up on the subtleties and can sniff out your strengths and values, always asking open-ended questions and reflecting back what you say as a vehicle for a greater understanding of self. Jill is playful and curious at times. Above all, Jill sees the best in people and truly cares about the emotional wellbeing of others, putting her all into every meeting.

Conversations and experiences shared with the Self-Care Sisterhood are kept confidential. When another sister is speaking, we do not compare, judge, or push our own agenda. Growth can occur when there is a container to hold your roots, your stems, your new petals. Let the Self-Care Sisterhood be that safe container to support you while you grow and reach upwards toward the sunshine.

Meetings Details:

2ndWednesday of each month



6741 Sebastopol Ave., #120-140

Sebastopol, Ca. 95472

For additional questions please contact Jill Brogan, certified Health & Wellness Coach and certified Nutritional Consultant