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Join Jen Julius as she interviews Vicchi Oleski and they share a special 5-point practice that will:

  • Profoundly change limiting beliefs that may have held you back and kept you operating from the past
  • Free you from emotional garbage
  • Help you feel really good in your body
  • Lower stress levels, allowing your body to heal
  • Help you sleep better and feel restful upon waking
  • Encourage the over all sense of well being to increase
  • Allow you to take control of Living a full and uplifting Life!

This simple 5-point daily practice is truly about remembering to use our every day common senses.

Vicchi Oleski is Founder of SoCoHA, Sonoma County Healing Academy and creator/developer of embodiedSpiritwork TM a unique self care, growth and personal development practice that unifies Energy Psychology, Neuro-Linguistics, Bodywork, Yoga Therapy and the Art of Intuition.

Certified Hands On NLP & Energy Coach, Yoga Therapist, Bodyworker, Life stylist and creative business collaborator since 1987, Vicchi enthusiastically promotes each of us to Feel-heal our Health and Live our Vitality through daily affirming rituals/habits, exercise/movement, positive social/community encounters, nourishing/balanced nutrition and a healthy deep dose, and connection to Universal Life Energy. continue to read more at

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