Laura has been an educator for over 30 years, mostly as a teacher in the public school system. She “discovered” cannabis about 10 years ago when someone recommended it for her chronic insomnia. Hesitant at first, she tried it and was pleasantly surprised when the cannabis did indeed help her get a better night’s rest. As Laura became more acquainted with the positive side effects of cannabis, she was able to stop her anti-depressants and used it for the chronic pain she experienced.While recuperating from surgery, she decided to take the plunge and enrolled in an online course with the Cannabis Coaching Institute to learn more about this magical plant and become a certified cannabis wellness coach. Now she’s bringing her passion and talent for educating to a different audience- one that wants to know how to effectively use cannabis to feel better.

Training and certifications:

Cannabis Coaching Institute

Green Flower

California Healing Institute

ABOUT the CannMEdx class


Sonoma County Healing Academy’s Cannabis as Medicine Educational Program is designed to empower, inspire and educate the public, and create a culture of compassionate understanding towards the therapeutic qualities and expanding role of Cannabis in today’s world of medicine.


The impact of Sonoma County Healing Academy’s Cannabis as Medicine Educational Program is to continue to further the positive advancement  of complementary and alternative medicinal use of Cannabis in communities throughout Sonoma County. The aim of CannaMEdx is to meet and exceed the needs of our community members with compassionate care and understanding.


As an Educational Program, CannaMEdx brings quality and professional presenters, compassionate instruction and leading edge information and topic material to the members of each program. Through the design and overall service of the program, Cannabis as Medicine becomes a community and social movement that helps educate about the effectiveness of medicinal Cannabis while building a greater awareness of the medicinal properties of Cannabis.

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