Dr. Leta Laborde, DC

In Private Practice and Community Heals Provider

During my 30 + years as a doctor of chiropractic medicine, kinesiologist, and transformational coach, I have encouraged patients to take a very active role in designing a holistic and preventive program that they can embrace with confidence – one which honors and celebrates their body, mind and spirit.

My offerings at Community Heals Clinic include:

  1. mindfulness based coaching
  2. sound therapy for deep relaxation3. medical grade IV laser therapy for pain relief
  3. non-invasive natural allergy protocol

Please see www.DrLeta.com for more information on my work.

Location & Offices:

Kentfield & Sebastopol, CA

Phone: (760) 681-8501

Email: letalaborde@gmail.com

“Dr. Leta’s presence instantly inspires confidence and her treatments deliver.
With her intuition, deep knowledge and skill set, our sessions fluidly address whatever is coming up, whether emotional or physical — we have worked with everything from grief to clearing house dust allergies!

I so appreciate the safe space of wholeness and support my family and I find at Community Heals.
Thank you!”
– Adrienne Bramhall

“Dr. Leta has really helped me with my allergies to pollen and animal dander.
This is really great because I ride horses and play with my cats all the time.”
– Victoria, Age 11

“Community Heals ROCKS week after week!
The last year has been really rough in lots of ways.
Acupuncture with Ian Mc and Life Coaching with Dr Leta have helped me keep my body, mind and spirit together.
I am so grateful for their compassion, kindness and expertise.”
– T.M.

“I am so grateful to Community Heals and Dr. Leta Laborde. Under the expert care of Dr. Leta, I received weekly laser treatments for the pain and scar tissue of an old Achilles tendon surgery. After a few months I can take long walks and use stairs again. There was no other way that I could have afforded this level of repetitive care without the nature of the low cost clinic. Thank you!”
– Sibyl Star

 SoCoHA, Sonoma County Healing Academy
Email: Info@SoCoHA.com
Phone: 707-799-8080