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The Healing Academy is a premier Sonoma County Educational venue. Dedicated to the Healing Arts, Innovative-Wholistic practices and technologies that elevate integrate and bridge health care, self care and embodiment.

SoCoHA’s Gravenstein Station location is the home office and classroom of local Luminaries that serve and practice in community, teach cutting edge communication and wellness curriculum.

While being a proud sponsor of Community Heals, a nonprofit Resource Foundation, Sonoma County Healing Academy also hosts a monthly Leadership and Business Lunch and Learn that bolsters and supports its staff members and the general public to have successful and thriving healing arts profession.

Vicchi Oleski Founder of SoCoHA

Vicchi Oleski Founder of SoCoHA

Sonoma County Healing Academy welcomes you to a life of vitality and full creative expression. Becoming a better individual, recovering from illness or leading a business that breaths integrity, joy and fulfillment requires a deep inner foundation click here to read more


Founder Director of Community Heals,

A Nonprofit Resource Bringing Wholistic Health Solutions to Sonoma County and Beyond.


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